Empowering Your Future with Powers of Attorney in North Carolina

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Powers of Attorney (POAs) aren’t just legal documents; they’re the pillars that uphold your wishes and safeguard your assets.

Imagine a time you may need someone you trust to handle a financial or personal matter for you. Planning for an emergency or an unexpected medical issue makes sense when preparing for your future. A POA allows you to be ready for whatever may come.

At Plekan Law, we ensure your POAs align with your wishes and are also legally sound and enforceable.

Powers of Attorney in North Carolina

Plekan Law helps you craft POA legal documents to protect your future wishes.

From witness requirements to notarization, we ensure your legal documents stand up to scrutiny in compliance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 32A-25 to 32A-40.

POAs are a crucial part of your estate planning. North Carolina recognizes several types of POAs to meet your needs including the following:

Durable Power of Attorney
This POA lets you appoint someone to manage your financial affairs and stays in effect even if you become incapacitated.

Planning for the long-term? We can make sure you’re prepared for any scenario.

General Power of Attorney
With a general POA, you’re granting broad powers to an agent, but it becomes void if you’re incapacitated.

Need a short-term solution for a business trip or vacation? We can help you draft a general POA that suits your temporary needs.

Durable General Power of Attorney
The best of both worlds, this type of POA gives an agent wide-ranging authority and stays in effect if you can’t make decisions.

Trust us to create a durable general POA that is foolproof and aligned with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 32C.

You can also create a POA that springs into action only when you need it.

Healthcare Power of Attorney
In healthcare decisions, having someone you trust is invaluable. A healthcare POA allows that trusted person to make medical choices for you when you can’t.

Partner with Us for a Secure Future

Writing a POA means understanding legal technicalities that can make or break your future plans. 

That’s why our law firm is here to guide you through North Carolina’s legal maze, ensuring your POAs are both robust and compliant.

Let us steer your estate planning journey. From drafting to updating your POAs, Plekan Law provides a full-service experience designed to put your mind at ease.

We understand North Carolina’s legal landscape inside and out, making us your ideal partner for a secure future. Reach out for a consultation today.

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