Have a Plan in Place for Your Pet

  • So that the person you choose to care for your pet is promptly notified.
  • So that your pet has the resources to keep the same level of care that you have provided them.
  • So that your chosen caretaker has all of your pet’s important information, routines, and care instructions.


Don’t Risk Your Pet’s Well-Being. Create a Pet Trust

A Pet Trust is a written plan you create to provide for your pet in the event you become disabled or are otherwise unable to care for your pet. A Pet Trust if properly executed, can ensure that your pet will continue to have the same level of care that you have provided for them.  If you have a pet a Pet Trust is a must to consider when you create your Estate Plan.


With the Pet Trust You Can:

  • Designate a Caretaker for your pet.
  • Provide temporary emergency care for your pet.
  • A Pet Trust can include instructions for the care of your best fur friend as well as important contact information for your pet’s veterinarian, pet groomer, and pet daycare.
  • Planning ahead of time will give you peace of mind, that your fur friend is cared for properly.
  • A Pet Trust provides assurances that the Caretaker you have selected will care for your pet the way you want the pet to be cared for.