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Ensuring Financial Stability 

Are you facing challenges in securing or modifying child support?

It can be overwhelming to understand the legal processes, especially when dealing with uncooperative ex-partners or complex custody arrangements. But you’re not alone.

At Plekan Law, we understand the emotional toll of struggling with child support issues. Our mission is to guide you through every step with compassion and clarity, ensuring that your child’s needs are met.

How Does Child Support Work?

Child support laws in North Carolina can be challenging, but understanding the basics can make a significant difference.

From calculating payments to enforcing orders across state lines, knowing your rights and responsibilities is crucial.

Whether you’re a custodial or non-custodial parent, learning about the legal processes and options available can help you secure the support your child needs.


  • How is child support calculated?
    Child support in North Carolina is determined using guidelines that consider both parents’ incomes, custody arrangements, and specific needs of the child. Online calculators can help estimate the amount.
  • What are my options if the other parent isn’t paying?
    If the other parent fails to pay, you can contact the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSE) or file a motion for contempt with the court to enforce the order.
  • Can I modify an existing child support order?
    Yes, you can request a modification if there has been a significant change in circumstances, such as a substantial change in income or the needs of the child.
  • Do I need a court order to receive child support?
    While informal agreements are possible, a court order ensures enforceability and clarity, making it easier to address non-payment issues legally.
  • What happens if the parent or child lives in a different state?
    Interstate cases are handled through cooperation between states. The CSE can assist in locating the non-custodial parent and enforcing child support orders across state lines.

Personalized Child Support Services for NC Families

Navigating child support issues can be daunting, but Plekan Law is here to provide comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs.

Our experienced team helps you:

  • Identify the best approach to arrange or modify child support, whether through court orders, voluntary agreements, or the Child Support Enforcement Agency.
  • Understand your rights and obligations, even in cases involving joint custody or non-U.S. citizens.
  • Navigate the legal system efficiently to ensure timely payments and enforce orders if the other parent is not complying.

Whether you are filing for child support, seeking modifications, or facing enforcement issues, our team is dedicated to ensuring your child’s financial well-being.

We offer guidance on various aspects such as calculating support, dealing with joint custody arrangements, and addressing non-compliance. We simplify the legal process, helping you secure the support your child deserves.

We believe every child deserves financial support from both parents, and we’re committed to making that happen for you. Let Plekan Law be your trusted partner in achieving fair and effective child support solutions.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey towards securing the support your child deserves.

Plekan Law Can Help

At Plekan Law, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and effective legal solutions for families.

Our team is composed of compassionate professionals who are committed to advocating for your rights and the best interests of your children.

We understand the emotional and financial challenges that come with child support cases, and we are here to offer you the support and experience you need. Our dedicated, reliable, and empathetic legal representation looks out for your best interests at every turn.

Contact us today to start your journey toward a secure and stable future for your family.

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