If you’re divorcing, you may wonder, “How long after a divorce can you remarry?” The good news is that there is no waiting period in NC. However, you may need your finalized divorce documentation to pick up a new marriage license. Learn everything you need to know before picking up a new marriage license after divorce in North Carolina.

Protect Your Rights: Don’t Divorce with Unresolved Issues

If there are still unresolved issues in your marriage that you and your spouse did not work through, settling those disagreements before your final divorce decree is crucial.

After a divorce, when a judge has already ordered child custody or property distribution, you don’t have much chance of changing that in court. (unless there was court error or a monumental life-changing event) A finalized divorce agreement often represents the judge’s orders for child support, alimony, visitation, and equitable distribution of property.

It’s crucial to work out your marriage issues before getting your divorce. Usually, only the marital issues the judge has not already ruled on remain more open for additional negotiations. Without working things out before the divorce, you can lose your rights to contest the final divorce decree’s rules about child visitation, child support, alimony, and more!

Work It Out Now Before the Divorce

The separation period is the best time to handle your disputes. If you agree to something with the motivation of making the process go faster, you can regret your decision later when you don’t have marriage rights any longer. The decisions you make during your separation that go into your final divorce decree may echo for several decades!

If you struggle to agree with your ex about a matter, enlist help from your attorney along with a 3rd party mediation specialist now. Before going into the courtroom, negotiate what is best for you and any children. Once the judge rules on your final divorce decree, you can’t go back to mediation and get a do-over.

Consulting with your attorney for your options before getting your final divorce decree is your best bet. Your attorney can advise you on what you may leave open to discussion vs. what should get nailed down before the divorce decree.

Obtaining a Marriage License After Divorce in NC

You may wonder if you need proof of your divorce to obtain a new marriage license in North Carolina. As long as the court finalized your divorce more than 30 days ago, you will not need to provide any documentation of your previous marriage or divorce.

If you want to obtain a marriage license before the 30-day period after your divorce, you will need a certified copy of your divorce in Wake County.

Check with your North Carolina County Register of Deeds for their guidelines. Each county has its procedural guidelines. In general, you will need several items to receive a marriage license in NC, including:

  • Valid government-issued ID
  • Proof of social security or ITIN number (or an affidavit instead of social security)
  • Valid ID Certified birth record (for applicants ages 16-20)
  • Certified copy of divorce (if finalized within the last 30 days)
  • Payment ($60.00)

You and your potential new spouse must show up at the Register of Deeds office together to obtain the marriage license. Additionally, the wedding ceremony must occur in North Carolina within 60 days of receiving the marriage license.

Wisdom to Consider

Older women who’ve been there and done that have plenty to say about when and why to remarry. It’s essential to seek out wise support such as a counselor, trusted friend, or older and wiser colleague so that you can see clearly. It makes sense to listen and learn from past mistakes before making another momentous decision that can dramatically affect your life and the lives of any children.

You may not want to hear that taking a breath before jumping into something new is not wise right now. However, according to BestLifeOnline.com, “Just because a new relationship feels like a perfect match doesn’t necessarily mean you should be rushing back down the aisle.” 

Why? Check out “23 Signs You’re Not Ready to Get Remarried, According to Experts” to see if you have any red flags before saying a new set of “I Dos.”

Divorce can hurt your self-concept and leave you open to accepting someone into your life out of desperation to “feel good” again. All those crazy love hormones make you feel like you’ve found a fabulous new normal for yourself!

However, before remarrying to feel good, consider finding a new normal for yourself, by yourself. After some time passes, you may feel better prepared to make decisions about your future without rushing into a new commitment.

Consider whether you have good reasons to remarry before jumping in wholeheartedly.

We Can Help

At Plekan Law, our family law attorneys work with you to protect your rights during separation and divorce. Our extensive legal experience helps craft your divorce decree to set you up for fair standards in your future. Claim your best new life by consulting with us before taking your next steps. Find out how we can help you move forward.

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